“They Are Born Meat And They Die Meat”

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Video | “They’re Made Out Of Meat”

they're made out of meat
They’re Made Out Of Meat ® Stephen O’Regan


This video was crazy but I loved it. As I was watching the video my opinion on what the story was about changed by the seconds from the conversation the two main characters are having. After watching the whole video my opinion is that it is two aliens having a conversation about us humans and how we work. I will explain how I came to that conclusion and how I feel about the video.  The first visual key I caught was the smoking of the two main characters. They purposefully film both characters puffing on cigarettes in such an over dramatic manner from my perspective because of how they are smoking the cigarettes themselves. The characters don’t use their hands to hold the cigarettes and the characters really inhale it seems and they just puff on the cigarettes. Now, most people that I know that smoke, don’t smoke cigarettes like that so following my alien theory I believe that the smoking is meant to represent the aliens trying to blend in with humans by smoking, but they don’t know quite how to do it, thus leading to why they are smoking so awkwardly.


     The next visual I caught was how the character dressed in red, that was waiting for the other character a the dinner, looked at the women serving them coffee. I couldn’t really put my finger on what the purpose or what the expression was meant by the character staring at the women. Was it meant to be creepy, lustful, pity or curiosity? I still don’t exactly know what the look was meant for, as a viewer. At this point, I have also taken an interest in the background character that is sitting at the bar with a tan trench coat and black hat on. He seems to me to be paying attention to the two main characters but he is not wanting to draw any attention to himself and that is why he is holding the newspaper up. He is spying on the two main characters. I also noticed that his newspaper has a title on it that says “Alien Bible Found”. As the video continues, the waitress walks away and the other main character, who is wearing a black tie, white shirt, and black coat, makes the statement “they’re made out of meat” thus begins the aliens conversation. The character in red replies with a questioning statement “meat?”. The camera cuts to the waitress playing with her gum and the main character in black replies “there is no doubt about it”.


Now at this point in the video, being my first time watching the video, I had no inclination to my alien theory. My first thought, as horrible as it sounds, was that the two main characters were referring to women as meat. My thought quickly changed as one of the main characters continues talking and say’s “we picked up several from different parts of the planet” which immediately hit me with my alien theory. The two characters continue talking about humans. The red character is in disbelief that humans are completely made out of meat and asks questions throughout the conversation like “what about the radio signals?” which I presume he is talking about landline phones or a cell phone. My favorite statement through this video comes from the character dressed in red who states “meat can’t make machines” I don’t know why but that statement just made me gutturally laugh out loud.

As the video continues, the two characters have a conversation consisting of how humans work and behave, but the conversation consistently comes back to “meat”, “they’re made of meat”. The red character throughout the conversation questions whether humans really are just made out of meat and he seems to not be willing to just accept that humans are made of meat. At one point in the conversation, the red-dressed character asks about the human brain to which the black dressed character confirms that “the brain is made out of meat”. Another visual that I love that is represented throughout the video is the other background characters. You see one character becoming frustrated playing with cards and then at one point a girl presses and blows her mouth against the window that the two main characters are sitting at.

These visuals of the background characters lead me to think that they aren’t representing how humans actually act, more that the background characters behavior is how the aliens view general human behavior. The aliens observe a group of teenagers that enter the dinner and join the background character that is playing with cards. It is in that moment the red-dressed character realizes that what the black dressed character is saying, is true. The two characters continue on by talking about how humans will never know they were on earth and explain what they will do so that they don’t remember. The characters quote many people’s claims of real life alien encounters which I found funny. Eventually, the two character disappear while watching two people make out.

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 12.42.21 PM

I found this video brilliant, especially considering that it is a short story film. The dialog of the video is so purposeful that every word had a point to make. So that is why I believe it is two aliens having a conversation, however, I did notice the second time I watched the video, that the newspaper the background character is holding actually says “Alien Bible Found! They Worship Oprah!”. So does that mean humans are considered aliens too? What is the significance of the newspaper headline or the character himself?


Music Will Save The Kids.

Darian Mesneak


descriptive Essay Outline

Blog #8

David Bazan, a well know house show artist from Seattle Washington. ® David Bazan

Music has been a huge part of my life ever since I was a kid and I am not alone in that. Music plays a huge role in many kids’ and adults’ lives in the world and people experience music in many different ways because of services such as Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. Another way people have experienced music for years is live music. Live music has always been an awesome way for people to go out and enjoy their favorite artists. The live music experience has evolved over time has well. We now have music festivals, music tours, house shows, venue concerts, and amphitheater concerts. Live shows have played a huge role for my love of music and my love for live shows started at local house shows.

What if you found a place where a group of friends all gathered over a love for the same genre of music? Sounds great right? Well, theses communities do exist and many of these communities start from small house shows or small venues. Wikipedia defines house concerts as “A house concert or home concert is a musical concert or performance art that is presented in someone’s home or apartment, or a nearby small private space such as a barn, apartment rec room, lawn, or backyard.”Gary Trust wrote an article for Billboard magazine on a house show in North Quincy. At one point in the article, Gary says’s “About 40 people are due to arrive, most friends and family, at “Chez Saysull,” as those regular visitors dubbed it many get together’s ago.” These are great house shows and live concerts because, in my opinion, they have created an awesome environment for people to just go be themselves and enjoy great music. I personally have many positive memories from house shows and still go to them today. I also have discovered now that if I didn’t have local house shows to go as a kid, I would have most likely got into a lot of trouble especially considering the drug culture of the town I grew up in.

While I was growing up my main house show experiences came from parties at friends’ houses, a venue called Standing Ovation, the Electric Bean and the Toxic House.

Pat DiNizio of the Smithereens. ® Pat DiNizio

These venues gave me a place to go enjoy music, gather with friends and create memories. My experience at Standing Ovation is really where I began to fall in love with live music. Not only that but it was the first time I had seen a DIY music event. Before going to a DIY show, I had never really thought about doing shows outside of the major venues. Standing Ovation was made up of local musicians, mostly metal bands. We all got together at a semi-broken down movie theater that was made of old red carpet that smells of beer and had mystery stains. The local bands would use a roll of green tape to mark the “stage” line in the carpet. The bands would get together and the show would begin. In between bands playing, we would all go outside to smoke cigarettes, tell jokes and laugh together. It was a great time and I made many friends while going to these shows. In the end, what made all these shows so great, was the people and we all worked together to make these shows happen. Whether you live in a small town or in a big town, you can find or start house shows. You can find your community of music lovers.

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Something With Teeth Screaming In A Closet.

Darian Mesneak


Blog 6#

SWT Show 2
® Carrie Martin Parker

It is about 5 o’clock on Saturday, April, 22nd, 2017, in the small town of Longview, Washington. As the clouds slowly begin to turn to a darker shade of gray, my father and I jump into his truck with excitement in our bones for the heavy sound waves that will be vibrating our bodies and the screams that will be piercing our ears. So we head down the gravel driveway on our way to Astoria, Oregon. My father and I are looking at about an hour and ten-minute drive from Longview to Astoria and on the way there we talk as father and son about music, family, and friends. All the good and all the not so good going on in life, which we all as humans have going on but tonight we are putting all the bad aside to go listen to some heavy music. We are headed to a show that my father and I been invited to by a band that I have been working with called Something With Teeth. We don’t know much about the show other than who is playing and an address that leads to Astoria, Oregon. The road to Astoria was a long but a good drive filled with trees, small farms and small towns lining our travel to the show. It wasn’t raining at the time but with the truck window down blaring a Yob CD, I could smell the fresh rain that had just passed not that long ago. As we went through a small town, I caught the scent of bark dust from a log yard we passed. That smell gives me an odd sense of home now that I have moved to Vancouver, Washington.

SWT Show
® Carrie Martin Parker
          About thirty minutes later into the drive, we arrive at the front door of Astoria. We are greeted by a huge boat which is on display and I assume that it is a historical boat or a boat of importance. As we continue to drive into this seaside town, I can see the huge Astoria bridge which looks like a giant arm reaching across the water creating safe passage for all the drivers heading from shore to shore. Now that we have entered Astoria, we must find our destination based on the address. My father thinks that the show might be located at a local skate park that has held local shows in the past but we eventually find ourselves driving up a steep, winding road. As we come to the top, we see some of the band members of Something With Teeth getting out of their cars. We pull over to the side of the road next to the other cars and park in front of a broken down house with a sign in the dusted over window that reads “NO TRESPASSING”. We got out of the car and walked toward a green colored house which had few scars of missing paint and overgrown plants. We are greeted by tattooed, beer drinking, converse wearing rockers that some may say are up to no good and many of them would agree with that statement all in good fun, of course.
SWT Show 3
® Carrie Martin Parker

         All of the people attending the show gather outside a broken down basement door drinking beer, smoking weed and telling stories with old friends. As the day grew later, the laughs got louder and the beer cases became smaller with the sound of heavy music from the band Proles seeped out the garage door. Eventually, Something With Teeth entered a room no bigger than a small bathroom at a truck stop which is filled with war-torn rugs and music posters covering the walls almost as an attempt at a DIY wallpaper. The amps are cranked and the speakers are buzzing with anticipation for the vocals to begin. The first long note of Something With Teeth is struck and the show begins. The bass is fuzzed out and woof’s throughout the night, the guitars screech and rip through the air and the vocals punch into the crowd commanding your body to bang your head along with the thundering beat of the drums. The room grew warmer from the number of bodies packed inside and friends gathered together taking pictures, clapping and just enjoying the music. This is what it is all about, in my opinion, a group of people, a small community, brought together by the love of heavy music. This type of scene brings people together and allows people of all ages to express themselves and to just have some fun! As a mentioned earlier in the article, I come from a small town myself and having shows like this always gave me something to do and made feel a part of something. I hope shows like this continue throughout time because I believe people need a place to go listen to music and just be free.

SWT Show 4
® Carrie Martin Parker

All Photo Rights Credited to Carrie Martin Parker (Something With Teeth Photographer)

Something With Teeth is Matthew Johnson, Jerry Wilkins, Monte Fuller, Stephen Brewer and Dusty Kirk.


The Five Paragraph Outline

Darian Mesneak


Five Paragraph Outline

Title- The title “The Riddle of Trumps Syria Attack” really got my brain going. I had a couple thoughts when I read this title the first being, “what did he do this time?”. This is because the word “riddle” sent me down the thought process of he must have done something questionable or his actions were completely out of left field. The title gave a sense of mystery to the article.

Hook – The hook sentence “what really motivated the president’s strike against Syria?” pushed the point of the title and deepened my curiosity.

At the very beginning of this article I got the sense that the author Frank Bruni is not a fan of Trump or his administration. He started his article with a quote from Blake Hounshell, an author that wrote a story for the Politico and Bruni quoted “dizzying turnabout” which is Hounshell referring to Trumps recent decision to bomb the airport in Syria that launched the nerve gas bomb. Bruni also quoted Hounshell’s title “Trump’s Syria Whiplash” and that immediately indicated to me that both authors are not a fan of Trump. Further evidence of Bruni not liking Trump was his usage of words and sarcasm such as “God forbid they come here” referring to Syrian refugees. Bruni then goes on to present the reader with two questions “Why did he do this now? And, beyond that, who exactly is he?” which kept my interest in the article. Through the first piece of the article Bruni is presenting his opinion of our president based on choices and actions Trump has made though his presidency, and he uses other articles to backup his claims about Trump. Bruni never comes straight forward and says the missile strike was wrong. My interpretation of Bruni’s article is more or less an article based on questioning the cause and effect, bad or good. Bruni also talks what other possible motives Trump could have had for the missile strike including trying to changes the public’s view of Trumps relationship with Putin which before the missile strike seemed “Putin-Trump kissy-face” as Bruni put it. 01-5735983cddd84__880

Another theory Bruni talked about was the strike was an opportunity for Trump to flex his muscles and show the world what type of president he is going to be. Bruni goes on from that point and begins to answer the question he asked earlier “Who is this president?”. He continues to question Trumps qualification for the presidency and how Trump has been running his administration so far. Bruni finishes the paragraph by criticizing Trumps general attitude through his campaign and his presidency in a negative light. At this point Bruni has answered both the questions he asked at the beginning of the article in his thesis. Toward the end of the article Bruni does give the reader a slight glimmer of light for a second with the sentence “A positive interpretation of these latest developments is that Trump is someone who’s willing to adjust to a deeper, fresher understanding of events, to pivot in accordance with circumstances, to learn and to evolve”  I thought that was a very good point, but the light was short lived. Right after having a positive sentence Bruni makes another good hit against Trump by talking the inner “warfare” as Bruni put it, between Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner. I believe Bruni’s motive behind the “warfare” comment was to show more evidence that Trump lacks good judgement. Bruni ends up finishing the article by saying that Trump is a flip-flop president and his opinions change by the hour. Bruni also mentions another New York Times article that talks about the Bannon vs. Kushner situation. The last blow to Trump that Bruni’s leaves at the end of the article is that Trump is like a “wet piece of clay” that anyone can mold.

Bruni Stood by his opinion through out the entire article, in my opinion, and I think he made some good points about president Trump. Many of his opinions I believe as well. When it comes to the five paragraph outline I believe Bruni did a good job. He had a good title, a nice hook, he answered both the questions he asked at the beginning of the article, and his thesis was full of quotes and other articles information to back up his claims. Plus his concluding statement was very bold and he left the reader thinking, which I love. However, I also thought his article was very one sided and I believe that someone who is pro-Trump may get angry reading Bruni’s article, but who knows maybe this article would make some of the more open minded Trump supports think about the actions of our president.



A Hole In Trumps Head.

Darian Mesneak | WR-121-13

Would you let someone put a hole punch through your presidents head for a free cup of coffee? Trump coffee punch card

CBS recently did a story covering a small metal coffee shop in Pittsburgh that is serving delicious cups of coffee with a punch card that has a little political humor. The Pittsburgh coffee shop, Black Forge Coffee House has been using political punch cards with the faces of well know conservatives including vice president Mike Pence, Sen. Ted Cruz and recently President Donald Trump. The coffee shop claimed they have been using the political punch cards for a while but haven’t really had any issues until they added the face of Trump to their cards. One of the coffee shop co-owners claimed that they do not condone violence in any way nor do they wish any direct harm to the face represented on the their cards. They use the cards as a way of self expression of their political views. Many of their regular customers have no problem with the cards and agree that it is funny, but many other people are upset by the cards. Some people are so upset that the coffee shop began receiving threatening phone calls from all over the country. Some of the people who called in said they hope the owners burn in their own building or hope that they themselves get shot in the head.

So are the punch cards wrong? In my opinion, the punch cards are not wrong. I look at these punch cards as a very clever form of expression and I believe that Black Forge has every right to express how they feel about our current leaders, or any leaders for that matter, just as we all should. I wouldn’t care if they had all democratic, liberal figures on their punch cards either. If that is how Black Forge feels about our countries political figures then they should have every right to express those feelings. I look at these punch cards no differently than a bumper sticker that says “don’t elect an idiot“with an image of Hillary Clinton or anti-Trump shirts.

lifes_a_bitch_bumper_bumper_bumper_stickerThese are all forms of political expression that every American should have the right to express. I find it funny that so many people are offended by the punch cards  because I would bet that the people who are offended and pro-Trump have some sort of anti-democrat media such as a bumper sticker or T-shirt. I obviously cannot say I know that for sure, that is just my gut feeling. To back up my claim I did research on what other news sources were saying about the controversy surrounding the punch cards. While searching I found an article by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette. While reading through the article they mention that other businesses such has a gun range in Florida is selling target sheets with democratic and liberal figures such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on them for target practice.

On the other side during the CBS video they interviewed customers and one of these customers agreed that the punch cards are okay and even said that he thought it was a good business move. On both sides of the fence there are strong opinions, but what I didn’t see or hear were any violent or argumentative retaliation from the business co-owners, which I thought was interesting. The co-owners in my opinion were very professional and took the threats with stride. The business has found a lot of support from locals including their police department, which is great! From what I read in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette, the business is really involved with helping the community by giving artist, musicians and alternative groups a safe place to go and express themselves, which I think is awesome. From my research I found that most of the negative reactions to the punch cards have come from outside Pittsburgh and most people that disagree with the punch card took to the internet to post bad reviews about Black Forge on yelp, disliking their Facebook page and leaving horrible comments. I did some research on CBS Pittsburgh Facebook page and I found that the CBS post had Seventy-five likes, twenty-one hearts, seven-teen angry faces, ninety-one laughs and six wows. So it seems to me that most people on the Facebook post were pro-punch cards or just laughed about it. I also found the top comments on the CBS Facebook post were, in my opinion, mostly positive. In the end, I think that businesses should be allowed to express their political beliefs without being harassed on the internet.