Does God Use His Lucky Dice On Certain People?

Darian Mesneak


Blog #15


Is Russian roulette a game you can win with a mathematical equation based on probability or is the winner picked by a higher power?


That is a very loaded question and I image that if I asked multiple people “do you believe in chance or God?” I would get a lot of different answers. If I was asked the same question what would I say? Would I come to the same conclusion that “You can’t thwart chance with religion because chance likely created religion“? I do agree with that sentence but I feel that my view is a little different. First off, I don’t believe that there is a God making choices on who lives and who dies based on my experiences with religion. Do I believe that every situation or event can be solved by math equation? No, not necessarily, because math, in my opinion, is still a man made construction that has been used to try and explain nature. I believe that there are things about life that humans will just never know and things that we may not be meant to know. Second, do I believe in luck? Yes, I do belive in luck. Can luck be explained by a mathematical equation? In a sense it can. For example, flipping a coin and landing on heads, the “probability of flipping a coin and it being heads is ½, because there is 1 way of getting a head and the total number of possible outcomes is 2 (a head or tail). We write P(heads) = ½ .” So I think in cases of simple luck like flipping a coin you can use math to help your odds, but in the end, math will not tell you what will end up in your hand, it will tell you the chances but not the official outcome.


Now, what I’m going to say next I mean with no disrespect to any religious groups or people. If there is an all-powerful God or higher power why would this entity let all the terrible things that happen in the world, happen in the first place? War, famine, rape, murder etc. We all know the list goes on. The reason I ask this question is because if the case is that a God does have all mighty power than why would he choose who survives and who doesn’t as well?  I have struggled with theses types of questions based on the existence of God my whole life. With all that being said, what if you take away the idea that the responsibility for actions and events lies in the hands of higher power, what are we left with? What if the answer really is as simple a mathematical equation? What I’ve found is that you can break down some events or situations with mathematical probability like a coin flip that mentioned in the beginning of the blog. What if the issue with solving an event is because there isn’t enough data. For example, in the case of Frane Selak’s car flying off the road and him landing in a tree. What if it could be mathematical proven that what happened was not chance. If you had data such as what time he started driving, how fast was he going, what time and how fast was the United Nations truck driver going, what was the resistance of the guard rail? If we had all of the data of the event could we plug the data into an equation and come out the other end of that solved equation saying “yeah, that makes sense why he lived because of A and B.” Could that be possible in the future?


Now, I grew up in and out of churches, mostly western Christian based belief systems. I was very involved in one particular church which was a Christian southern baptist based belief system. While I was deeply involved in this church I saw a lot. I was involved in a lot of events, some good, some bad and some really bad in retrospect. Some of those events you could say were based on chance or you could say that it was all Gods will. For example, while attending this church we had a woman who had cancer that was so bad that she was given a time line of how long she would most likely live. We performed a prayer circle for her three times and we would make sure to pray for her once a week at the end of Bible study. As time went by the woman eventually beat cancer. Did she beat cancer because we prayed so much for her to be healed or was it by chance that all of her medical treatment worked? I no longer prescribe to the Christian belief system, or any religious belief system for that matter but I know I will spend my whole life discussing the different possibilities of God, existence, chance and the purpose of life. So do I believe that chance is mathematical or is it choices being made by a higher power? I think that in some cases chance can be explained with math but I do think there are events in life that cannot be explained with math.


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