Slaughterhouse 5 VS. Full Metal Jacket

Darian Mesneak


Blog #16

full metal jacket suicide

I chose Full Metal Jacket for my compare and contrast essay. I picked this film because Full Metal Jacket deals with the Vietnam War through the eyes and experience of the main character Private Davis. The film deals with multiple elements caused from the effects of war from, suicide, insanity, the brutality of war and the different mental states amongst soldiers. I have not watched the movie in a long time but if I remember correctly the main character  Private Davis “Joker” deals with the struggles of duality surrounding war. He wears a peace symbol on his helmet and is a journalist in the war. The character doesn’t really like war but yet is fascinated by it. The film gives the feeling that the character Billy Pilgrim and Private Davis encounter some of the same experiences in both story lines when it comes to war. Plus there are no Tralfamadores in Full Metal Jacket. 612FVd615aL._SY346_The difference I see right of the bat between the two characters is that Billy Pilgrim gives up on humanity in my opinion and is very depressed and deals with war differently than Private Davis. Private Davis I feel is a journalist because he wants to share the true brutality of war. He wants to show people that war isn’t good, yet he wears a helmet that says “born to kill” but he also wears a peace button. As I finished reading Slaughterhouse Five I think I may go back and read some of the key chapters to refresh my view of Billy Pilgrim’s experiences during the war.



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