Lighting Up The Map.

Darian Mesneak


Blog 9#

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By the year 1993, the year I was born the United states had used 1,032 nukes. this number is sickening to me. Watching the work of Isao Hashimoto was very eye opening to me. The video itself gave me different emotions, trains of thoughts, and it really made question how I feel about the use of nukes. At the beginning of the video, I didn’t really think or feel much about the little lights going off because I feel like it is common sense now knowing that all the major countries of the world have and have used nukes. So when the different flags began popping up and their lights started going off on the map I wasn’t that surprised or shocked. However, as the video progressed I began to have a different feeling about the countries including the united states. The other thing that took me by surprise was how much the soviet union used nukes all over its own country. The united states also used nukes in our own country a lot and I’m assuming that it was at a testing site. After the video ended I felt a sense of disgust and sadness at the total number of how many nukes have been used from 1945-1998 which was 2,053. The united states had used 1,032 nukes by the end of 1998 which is an insane number to me and what I found even sadder is that was 1998.


I can’t even imagen how many nukes have been used since 1998 to today. I’m sure way mores tests have been done and I’m sure that the perfect nuke has been created by the united states. My thought of how many nukes the united states have used in recent years mad me start to think of my best friend who is in the military. How easy would it be for one country including the united states to use a nuke and start another world war or just obliterate the whole planet in an all-out nuclear war. To think that my best friend could have to go to war or could be killed in a nuclear blast by the decisions of other human beings in power make me feel a sense of anger and worry. Plus if a country does decide to use a nuke how many lives are lost? Another subject that was on my mind during the video was how many people died between 1945-1998 by those nukes? Hundreds, thousands?

After I watched the video and processed what I saw I had my girlfriend friend watch the video. I set up my girlfriend with no prior knowledge of the video. I just had her sit down on the couch and I pressed play. After the video was over I interviewed her on what she had just watched. This is how it went.

kim nuke

me: So what do you think that video was about?

Sydney: nukes.

me: you answered that quick.

Sydney: That’s because smart. [laughter]

me: what was your initial feeling? when did you realize the lights were nukes?

Sydney: when the soviet union came up on the map. That’s what gave it away for me and also where the lights were hitting in the united states is where a lot of nuclear tests take place.

me: what was your emotion response once you realized they were nukes?

Sydney: I was Disgusted. Just watching where the nukes were going off especially where they were hitting the ocean because it just makes me think about all the wildlife that is being affected by those nukes and I imagine there are probably small islands out there that are affected by the nukes.

me: were you surprised by the overall number of nukes used or how many nukes the united states has used.

Sydney: yes and no. I know that countries use nukes obviously, including the united states but what surprised me was what the actual number was and just being able to see the number was what surprised me. Also that those are the record nukes from that time frame. I can’t imagine how many more nukes have been used since then.

me: So do you think that the world is more active when it comes to the use of nukes or less active?

Sydney: I think it is less active because I think that scientists have studied the effects how nukes and realized they probably shouldn’t use them as often but I also think that the use of nukes is more active than what we think if that makes sense.

me: yeah that makes sense. Any last thoughts or comments?

Sydney: it is disturbing. I also think about our parents and our grandparents because of all their health problems. Those nukes and the fallout has to have caused health problems for many people around the world.

me: I agree. I’m sure the fallout from all those years is linked to cancer.

Nuclear alertl.jpeg

After watching the video and doing the interview I now have a more heightened sense of worry when comes to the use of nukes. It makes me wonder about the future and what could possibly happen under the current presidency. The future of nuclear use is a fine gray line in my eyes. I just hope that humans will one day realize that we are all on this planet together. We should probably figure out some way to find peace with each other before it is too late.



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