“They Are Born Meat And They Die Meat”

Darian Mesneak


Blog #7

Video | “They’re Made Out Of Meat”

they're made out of meat
They’re Made Out Of Meat ® Stephen O’Regan


This video was crazy but I loved it. As I was watching the video my opinion on what the story was about changed by the seconds from the conversation the two main characters are having. After watching the whole video my opinion is that it is two aliens having a conversation about us humans and how we work. I will explain how I came to that conclusion and how I feel about the video.  The first visual key I caught was the smoking of the two main characters. They purposefully film both characters puffing on cigarettes in such an over dramatic manner from my perspective because of how they are smoking the cigarettes themselves. The characters don’t use their hands to hold the cigarettes and the characters really inhale it seems and they just puff on the cigarettes. Now, most people that I know that smoke, don’t smoke cigarettes like that so following my alien theory I believe that the smoking is meant to represent the aliens trying to blend in with humans by smoking, but they don’t know quite how to do it, thus leading to why they are smoking so awkwardly.


     The next visual I caught was how the character dressed in red, that was waiting for the other character a the dinner, looked at the women serving them coffee. I couldn’t really put my finger on what the purpose or what the expression was meant by the character staring at the women. Was it meant to be creepy, lustful, pity or curiosity? I still don’t exactly know what the look was meant for, as a viewer. At this point, I have also taken an interest in the background character that is sitting at the bar with a tan trench coat and black hat on. He seems to me to be paying attention to the two main characters but he is not wanting to draw any attention to himself and that is why he is holding the newspaper up. He is spying on the two main characters. I also noticed that his newspaper has a title on it that says “Alien Bible Found”. As the video continues, the waitress walks away and the other main character, who is wearing a black tie, white shirt, and black coat, makes the statement “they’re made out of meat” thus begins the aliens conversation. The character in red replies with a questioning statement “meat?”. The camera cuts to the waitress playing with her gum and the main character in black replies “there is no doubt about it”.


Now at this point in the video, being my first time watching the video, I had no inclination to my alien theory. My first thought, as horrible as it sounds, was that the two main characters were referring to women as meat. My thought quickly changed as one of the main characters continues talking and say’s “we picked up several from different parts of the planet” which immediately hit me with my alien theory. The two characters continue talking about humans. The red character is in disbelief that humans are completely made out of meat and asks questions throughout the conversation like “what about the radio signals?” which I presume he is talking about landline phones or a cell phone. My favorite statement through this video comes from the character dressed in red who states “meat can’t make machines” I don’t know why but that statement just made me gutturally laugh out loud.

As the video continues, the two characters have a conversation consisting of how humans work and behave, but the conversation consistently comes back to “meat”, “they’re made of meat”. The red character throughout the conversation questions whether humans really are just made out of meat and he seems to not be willing to just accept that humans are made of meat. At one point in the conversation, the red-dressed character asks about the human brain to which the black dressed character confirms that “the brain is made out of meat”. Another visual that I love that is represented throughout the video is the other background characters. You see one character becoming frustrated playing with cards and then at one point a girl presses and blows her mouth against the window that the two main characters are sitting at.

These visuals of the background characters lead me to think that they aren’t representing how humans actually act, more that the background characters behavior is how the aliens view general human behavior. The aliens observe a group of teenagers that enter the dinner and join the background character that is playing with cards. It is in that moment the red-dressed character realizes that what the black dressed character is saying, is true. The two characters continue on by talking about how humans will never know they were on earth and explain what they will do so that they don’t remember. The characters quote many people’s claims of real life alien encounters which I found funny. Eventually, the two character disappear while watching two people make out.

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 12.42.21 PM

I found this video brilliant, especially considering that it is a short story film. The dialog of the video is so purposeful that every word had a point to make. So that is why I believe it is two aliens having a conversation, however, I did notice the second time I watched the video, that the newspaper the background character is holding actually says “Alien Bible Found! They Worship Oprah!”. So does that mean humans are considered aliens too? What is the significance of the newspaper headline or the character himself?


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