Music Will Save The Kids.

Darian Mesneak


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Blog #8

David Bazan, a well know house show artist from Seattle Washington. ® David Bazan

Music has been a huge part of my life ever since I was a kid and I am not alone in that. Music plays a huge role in many kids’ and adults’ lives in the world and people experience music in many different ways because of services such as Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. Another way people have experienced music for years is live music. Live music has always been an awesome way for people to go out and enjoy their favorite artists. The live music experience has evolved over time has well. We now have music festivals, music tours, house shows, venue concerts, and amphitheater concerts. Live shows have played a huge role for my love of music and my love for live shows started at local house shows.

What if you found a place where a group of friends all gathered over a love for the same genre of music? Sounds great right? Well, theses communities do exist and many of these communities start from small house shows or small venues. Wikipedia defines house concerts as “A house concert or home concert is a musical concert or performance art that is presented in someone’s home or apartment, or a nearby small private space such as a barn, apartment rec room, lawn, or backyard.”Gary Trust wrote an article for Billboard magazine on a house show in North Quincy. At one point in the article, Gary says’s “About 40 people are due to arrive, most friends and family, at “Chez Saysull,” as those regular visitors dubbed it many get together’s ago.” These are great house shows and live concerts because, in my opinion, they have created an awesome environment for people to just go be themselves and enjoy great music. I personally have many positive memories from house shows and still go to them today. I also have discovered now that if I didn’t have local house shows to go as a kid, I would have most likely got into a lot of trouble especially considering the drug culture of the town I grew up in.

While I was growing up my main house show experiences came from parties at friends’ houses, a venue called Standing Ovation, the Electric Bean and the Toxic House.

Pat DiNizio of the Smithereens. ® Pat DiNizio

These venues gave me a place to go enjoy music, gather with friends and create memories. My experience at Standing Ovation is really where I began to fall in love with live music. Not only that but it was the first time I had seen a DIY music event. Before going to a DIY show, I had never really thought about doing shows outside of the major venues. Standing Ovation was made up of local musicians, mostly metal bands. We all got together at a semi-broken down movie theater that was made of old red carpet that smells of beer and had mystery stains. The local bands would use a roll of green tape to mark the “stage” line in the carpet. The bands would get together and the show would begin. In between bands playing, we would all go outside to smoke cigarettes, tell jokes and laugh together. It was a great time and I made many friends while going to these shows. In the end, what made all these shows so great, was the people and we all worked together to make these shows happen. Whether you live in a small town or in a big town, you can find or start house shows. You can find your community of music lovers.


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